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Merkaba 101

I know you're thinking... "How is Merkaba related to Hemp?"

Merkaba 101 is an introductory class for those seeking enlightenment.

This class is intended to introduce the exogenous and endogenous Merkaba. Merkaba means Chariot, and is formed by two (2) tetrahedron (pyramid) spinning as a three-dimensional star terahedron in Fibonacci Sequence.

The tetrahedron is one of the Platonic Solids. Harnessing the tetrahedron into the Star Tetrahedron formation is the first level to generating the Endogenous Merkaba. All humans have a Exogenous Merkaba, however, most are operating compeletely out of balance so their Merkaba is spinning like a dented car rim with a flat tire!

The Hemp's Cool logo represents a view of a tetrahedron (pyramid) from above, or from inside (below). "As Above, So Below"...

Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci Sequence is a mathematical sequence that represents the efficient, effective natural intelligent design. Merkaba 101 touches on the basics of Fibonacci as it relates to the Star Tetrahedron.


As an incentive to continue learning about Hemp, and or for gift-giving, we are offering a Bundle of Five (5) - One (1) Hour Sessions, Regular Price is $95, and this Q4 Specials is just $69. That is only $13.80/hour to learn from my Five (5) Years of Research!

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