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Hemp's Cool™ - Hemp School - Hemp Education Initiative's Classes are divided up among the most common usage of the plant for Conumser, Commercial & Industrial purposes. These include fiber, food, fuel, medicine, recreation and shelter. Hemp 101 is intended as an introduction to Hemp and covers a information about all of these uses.

Hemp 101

Just as it sounds, Hemp 101 is the beginning class to get everyone up to speed on the legal aspects and market uses that are available from the Hemp plant.

One (1) Hour Class

Hemp Apparel

Hemp Apparel is applicable for anyone who wants to start an apparel line using hemp fabrics, or premade Hemp Apparel.

One (1) Hour Class

Hempcrete 101

This is a two-part class. Part One takes place in the classroom. Part Two is a two (2) credit-hour Demonstration Class subject to weather conditions. Due to the nature of this class size is limited to 12 students per session.

One (1) Hour Class

Hemp Food

Hemp Food is designed as an introduction to many of the food products available made of hemp. This is a Consumer class to learn about product availble right now at your grocer or health food store.

One (1) Hour Class

Hemp Medicine

Hemp Medicine is designed to provide some clarity in the area of THC & CBD. This class is an advance class for students who are familiar with the Endocannabinoid Receptor System. Patients & Caregivers are encouraged to enroll in this informative class.

One (1) Hour Class

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp Nutrition is designed to introduce the student to a more intensive understanding of how Hemp nutrition works in the body, and how it can be utilized as a performance nutrition.

One (1) Hour Class

Our courses are for educational purposes only. The information contained in them should not be used as medical or legal advice. Please consult a qualified physician or attorney.

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