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ADVANCED Curriculum

Hemp's Cool™ - Hemp School - Hemp Education Initiative's ADVANCED Curriculum is INVITE ONLY. There is much committment and preparation that goes into Acknowledging, Admitting, and Accepting ONE Understanding of the Concept presented in ADVANCED Curriculum. A Student must be open to redefine their Belief System into a Knowledge System to comprehend the content. Please consult with Rasta Merkabah regarding your interest. Thank you.

Cannabinetics™ - the Modern Science of Cannabis Genetics™

Just as it sounds, Cannabinetics is based in Cannabis and Genetics. Cannabinetics is a Quantum Validation of Theoretical Genetics. Cannabinetics combines with Plantonic Math to Cipher the Human-Cannabis Genome.

Whole Plant Therapy™ - Relieve • Cleanse • Regenerate™

Whole Plant Therapy™ integrates the Cannabis/Hemp Plant as Single-Source therapy Convergence. By learning an understanding of Whole Plant Therapy™ the student will garner an Acceptance & Understanding of the "elusive" Philosophers Stone.

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