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Hemp's Cool™ - Hemp School - Hemp Education Initiative


Hello, and it is with great pleasure I welcome you to Hemp's Cool™ - Hemp School. For over five years, I have maintained my health & well-being by centering on Hemp as a nutritional core. This has led me to many discoveries about the capacity of the nutrition supplied by Hemp for Athletes, and everyday Consumers alike.

Hemp's Cool™ - Hemp School - Hemp Education Initiative's mission is to educate our students on the wide variety of uses available from the Oilseed & Industrial Hemp plant. Curriculum ranges from Hemp 101, an introduction to the plant & history, Hemp Apparel, an introduction into Hemp fiber use in apparel & fabrics, Hemp Food, an introduction to the medicinal and nutritional aspects of Hemp, and Hempcrete Builing.

Hemp Open House!

We're having a Hemp Open House! That's right, an Open House for you to meet the Hemp School staff, learn about Hemp curriculum, and get yourself some free samples! (Sponsored by: HempShare™)


As an incentive to continue learning about Hemp, and or for gift-giving, we are offering a Bundle of Five (5) - One (1) Hour Sessions, Regular Price is $95, and this Q4 Specials is just $69. That is only $13.80/hour to learn from my Five (5) Years of Research!

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